Questions About Non-Slip Flooring Answered

Questions About Non-Slip Flooring Answered

Safety is a top priority, both in homes and businesses. Since slips and falls are considered the number one cause of accidents in the US, non-slip flooring is the answer. Find out how non-slip flooring is made and other interesting, important facts about it in this article.

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Did you know that approximately 25,000 people are brought to hospitals from injuries caused by slipping or falling? And did you know that approximately 55 people daily die from slip and fall injuries?

Prevent your loved ones or your employees from suffering the same fate. Get floor safety professionals to apply non-slip floor treatment to your floors at home and in your business!

Tripp Brothers Non-Slip Treatments is a floor refinishing serving in Okatie, Hilton Head, and Bluffton, SC that uses a long-lasting chemical that creates an invisible, sophisticated tread design on the surface of hard mineral floors and porcelain/enamel bathtubs.

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FAQs about Non-Slip Flooring

1) What is Slip Resistance?

Slip resistance is the roughness of a floor that creates positive traction and reduces the possibility of slipping and falling.

The coefficient of friction (COF) is the metric used to gauge the slipperiness of a floor or tub. It is defined as the force necessary to hold two materials together (the foot and the floor) and the maximum force necessary to resist sliding.

2) What factors influence the slip resistance of a floor?

Slip-resistance of flooring materials may be influenced by the cleaning regime, maintenance, contamination, deterioration due to wear, and traffic pattern.

3) What are the most effective ways to clean non-slip floors?

You can use steam cleaners to remove dirt build-up from these textured floors. If you are using a mop, make sure you choose the right one. Sponge mops will likely disintegrate on the floor. Using a rag mop (or similar), that is soaked with water will help to keep the mop from sticking.

Mop lightly over the area and scrub tough areas with a sponge or scrub brush by hand. Dry the area with a towel to keep the dirt in the water from resettling into the grooves of the floor.

Maintain the cleanliness of your non-slip floor by mopping it thoroughly on a weekly basis so as to prevent build-up.

4) What are the critical points to remember during cleaning?

Take note that due to the aggregate that is broadcast onto the coating of an aggressive slip-resistant component being larger and more angular, it is harder to clean. Therefore, if you want to be able to clean your floor faster and easier, you can opt for a less aggressive slip resistance treatment.

Tripp Brothers Non-Slip Floor Treatments Can Install Non-Slip Floors

Tripp Brothers Non-Slip Floor Treatments is a treatment franchise in Bluffton, SC operated by Paul. He guarantees that the company uses the most effective products in the business resulting in 100% customer satisfaction.

The Tripp Brothers have extensive knowledge of preventive and remedial measures on a very cost-effective basis. They also offer free consultations.

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